Stepping stronger by Nelissa Mendy

Nelissa Mendy is Vice Chair of our One Support customer board, which covers all of our housing, care and support services. She recently joined our One Talent show and read a poem that she had written for the occasion, which she has very kindly shared with us.

Stepping Stronger

One Housing and One Support,
Try to bring people together,
In no matter what situation
they are caught.

A company or a business,
With an outstretched 'Social Arm',
Offering its customers support and a guiding hand.

When I needed help, I had nowhere to go,
Nowhere to turn.
My life had been shattered,
turned upside down.

My health had failed, the outlook was bleak.
My insides folded, I was weak.
Troubles got bigger, they grew and grew.
It went over my head, so I withdrew.
I shut down, isolated myself,
Until I could see that I needed help.

I approached my GP, a social worker was found.
It was so strange treading this new ground,
As I'd always been in control of my life,
And I knew how to handle strife....

So here I was at this new place,
With the help of well-meaning strangers,
I opened my gate.

Through intervention and support,
Slowly, so slowly, I began to walk..
Walking through my troubles,
Working through strife,
Things got put into perspective,
I was getting back my life!

Creative expression at 'come and go days',
Some volunteering to help me on my way...
Now as I stand in a stronger place,
I give thanks I was handled with dignity and grace.

I wish One Housing and One Support the very best wishes for the future.
May your works continue to improve and inspire people’s lives and your workers be appreciated.
Thank you.