Raw: Inner Landscapes art exhibition

    Commemorated World Mental Health Day by showcasing the masterpieces of twelve artists facing mental health issues

    The Raw: Inner Landscapes art exhibition was held at Arlington on Thursday, 10 October 2017 to commemorate the World Mental Health Day. The twelve artists who showcased their art were our current and former customers living with mental health issues. 

    Marta Banet, Senior Clinical Lead in Housing Care & Support and Maria Mota, Specialise Support Officer co-organized this exhibition to draw focus on the influence of art therapy for people challenged by mental health issues. The artists displayed their masterpieces which relayed on their mental and physical struggles and showcased the world through heir eyes. These artists have had difficult experiences and have had the courage to face them. With the help of our teams, they are leading regular lives and are channelling their energy towards art and other productive activities. 

    Perfectly named Raw: Inside Landscapes, the exhibition shed light to the artists and their art, both subjects were in a way, raw in their forms yet so meaningful and filled with potential. These artists don't necessarily have any technical training (although some of them do), but they all used art as a form of therapy and their creations often illustrate extreme mental episodes, unconventional practices and even an elaborate fantasy world. 

    At the exhibition, the visitors studied the artpieces in detail, interacted with the artists and learned more about their stories, which was both an eye-opening and inspiring experience.