Positive moves

    Ex-resident Hannah recently moved into her own flat with our support. Read how we help customers, like Hannah, reclaim their independence.

    Former resident Hannah lived at Arlington for five months before moving in to her own flat.

    Hannah has bipolar disorder and was unemployed for a long time because of her condition. She used all her savings to get by during this difficult period.

    After spending months “sofa surfing”, she eventually ended up sleeping on the streets before being referred to Arlington.

    Hannah is grateful for the extensive support she received at Arlington to help her regain her independence.

    She said: “Due to my bipolar I had been unable to work and had spent my savings just getting by. After sofa surfing for three months, I had exhausted my welcome and put my head on the pavement.

    “Being accepted by Arlington was probably one of the best things that could have happened to me.

    “Arlington provided me with a sanctuary and the tools I needed to heal and become independent, such as support sessions, on-going counselling, art sessions and career advice.

    “I am finally the queen of my castle!”

    In 2014 we helped 16 customers, like Hannah, move into independent accommodation and 45 customers into lower support hostels.

    We make sure our customers are in the best position to maintain their independence once they move on by providing a range of services, work and training opportunities to improve their life skilland increase their chances of getting a job.

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