Creative Space exhibition at Arlington

    A fantastic showcase of artwork at Arlington Conference Centre.
    This year’s Creative Space exhibition opened its doors at Arlington Conference Centre on Thursday 7 September.

    I survived

    Creative Space Studio Five is an artists studio at Arlington, our homeless hostel in Camden, where our customers and others who have experienced homelessness in their lives can express their creative side and learn new skills.

    The exhibition includes paintings, sound art installations created over a six-week workshop, and textiles made by participants during a nine-week period using different techniques such as screen printing.

    A short-film called “I SURVIVED”, projected in a separate room, describes the mental health journey of artist Frehiwot Healer and expresses how attending art workshops at Studio Five helped her turn her life around.
    The workshop programme is a partnership between leading visual arts organization Space Studios and Arlington, which provides a space and organises regular workshops led by practising artists.