Announcement - disaster recovery test

    Our IT systems are now back online after a successful controlled test. Thank you for your patience today.

    UPDATE: We have now completed all testing and our systems are successfully back online as of 3pm, Thursday 13 July.

    We thank you for your patience today and we will be making some important changes as a result of this test to improve our systems in the event of a real emergency breakdown.


    From the evening of Wednesday 12 and during most of Thursday 13 July, our phones and most of our ICT systems will be down while we run a controlled test on our systems.

    This means that most of our IT systems will be offline or unavailable on Thursday 13 July. 

    This test is important as it will allow us to be better prepared for a real emergency breakdown of our ICT systems. It will help us ensure that we can get systems back up-and-running as quickly as possible in a real emergency and will allow us to test our backup systems to keep our services running during a system failure.

    We’re working hard to design the test in a way that keeps disruption to normal services to an absolute minimum but it will help us to help you better if you can avoid contacting us with non-urgent issues during the test.

    Some telephone and all email systems will largely be shut down during the test. Emails sent to One Housing during the test period will be held on servers and delivered to the addressee after the test. 

    If you need to report an emergency repair, please call 0300 123 9966 or 020 8821 5300. You will speak to our out-of-hours provider who will liaise with our One Direct team. 

    We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this test may cause you but want to reassure you that this temporary disruption will allow us to provide a better service in the event of a major IT system failure.