It's ok to have feelings - Daniel's story

Daniel Harper moved to Arlington in March 2015, after he ended up homeless and living on friend’s couch.

Daniel Harper moved to Arlington in March 2015, he was referred to Arlington by Camden Council. Due to various difficulties in his life, he ended up homeless and living on friend’s couch for some time.

“I have an emotionally unstable personality disorder which means I feel intense emotions - more than most people - and I find it difficult to control. When I’m stressed I get symptoms that make it hard for me to feel stable. 

“Living at Arlington has helped me feel safe and supported while learning to live independently in a hostel. It gets difficult at times especially when I’m on my own as I get lonely but that’s all part of the recovery process and I’m learning to cope again.

“Studio 5, a creative space programme at Arlington has helped me socialise in an environment where I can learn new skills and connect with a creative process. Most afternoons, I attend workshops as I find art very healing. It gives me the space to express my emotions in a positive way, when I’m feeling down or struggling with my symptoms, drawing or painting helps me feel grounded and I’m glad I have workshops I can come to.

“We also go on visits to exhibitions; this is enjoyable and inspires me a lot. I’ve learnt to interact with others, learn and express my feelings through art. I think this is a good life skill and it’s helping me with my self-development. I’d like to thank the staff at Arlington and Studio 5 for being very encouraging and helping me on my road to recovery, I’m feeling great.” 

Studio 5 is the home of the Creative Space Programme, a bright, social environment where residents can learn new skills, renew social networks and reconnect with their communities. Funded by Arlington Futures and Space (an arts based charity), Studio 5 offers a range of workshops from art and photography to music and film. These are designed to foster creativity, artistic expression and learning and provide a gateway to employment and training and volunteering opportunities.