Robert has been living at Arlington for four months. Owing to various factors he became homeless and was referred to Arlington by Camden Council. Suffering from severe depression because of his circumstances, Robert was not in a good place when he first moved in.

Now his outlook on life is more positive. He credits Arlington’s new on-site counselling service and employment and training service for giving him the opportunities to build his confidence and actively pursue his goal of becoming a key worker so he can help others who are going through similar situations.

“I needed a roof over my head after becoming homeless and so I was referred to Arlington by Camden Council.

Since I’ve come here I’ve really been motivated to progress. I’m feeling a lot more positive about things.
I’ve taken part in a lot of things, including the arts programme, slipper-making course and also narrow boat training. I am a very creative person but my ultimate aim is to become a key worker.

I’m not the type of person to hang around and so I try to get involved in different activities. Not doing anything can bring on depression and so it’s important to occupy your time positively. It gives you a feeling of self-worth and helps you stay mentally and physically well.

With the help of  Louise, the employment advisor at Arlington, I’ve applied for volunteering roles in support work. I’m hoping this will be the way in to start a career as a key worker. I’ve been in and out of hostels since I was seventeen so I know what works and what doesn’t with residents. I think my experience of living in a hostel will also help me to relate to and support other customers when I become a key worker. The sooner I get my career started, the sooner I can move on from here.

Arlington is a good place to step up. The services are great and the staff are very supportive. The counselling service is fantastic and the counsellor is a remarkable person. I’d highly recommend having a service like that in all hostels to help people who have gone through traumas in their life.

Arlington should definitely continue providing these opportunities and services. Their activities encourage all-round good health and social inclusion. The more clients get involved the better.”