Moussa, aged 28, moved to Arlington in July 2011 where he lived for 18 months. He was referred to Arlington by Camden Council, after he lost his private tenancy owing to problems with his landlord.

He moved on successfully from Arlington in November 2012 to private accommodation in Shepherd’s Bush and is studying for an International Relations degree at Birkbeck University.

“When I first arrived at Arlington I was in a very negative place mentally. I was lacking confidence and generally frustrated with life.

The support staff at Arlington really helped me to move forward with my life by encouraging me to take advantage of the training opportunities at Arlington to improve myself and my job prospects. I got the chance to attend workshops which helped me with my CV and interview skills. As a result, I was able to secure a receptionist placement at an office in Farringdon which helped me to gain valuable work experience and build my confidence.

I also enjoyed participating in different recreational activities while I stayed at Arlington including acupuncture, poetry sessions and football – making many friends along the way.

Arlington is much more than just a roof over a homeless person’s head. It is a place where you get the best support to get back on track. At Arlington I was motivated to change my outlook on life, build my confidence and pursue my dreams.

Today, I have a lot to be positive about. I have successfully moved on in life. I am now renting a flat in Shepherd’s Bush and have also enrolled on an International Relations degree course at Birkbeck University. I started in September 2012 and am really enjoying the challenges of academic study so far.

Once I complete my degree, I would like to open my own catering business in the Caribbean.”